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The Perfect Motorhome Trip to Cornwall

Sand beaches, rocky coasts, and untamed moorland can all be found on the Cornwall peninsula. It includes the Cornish Riviera, a region’s south coast with an attractive name and a number of charming harbour settlements and camping options. In contrast, the north shore is regarded as a superb surfing location, with high cliffs and beach resorts as its backdrop. Cornwall is the perfect Motorhome location since it has endless things to do, charming roads, and natural campgrounds. Learn about the components needed for the ideal motorhome vacation to Cornwall in this blog.


Bude Beach in Cornwall

Why go with a Motorhome?

We have two options for answering this query. First, why would someone choose to travel by motorhome? Simply said, travelling in an RV gives you the greatest amount of flexibility. You are no longer limited to using public transportation and may now select your own location and route whenever you want. You can be erratic, frequently changing your thoughts and course, or you can relish the freedom of simply travelling the wide road.

Motorhome on Campsite

What is our destination? Who cares, who knows? Additionally, you are no longer required to reserve a separate place to stay, so you are not limited to a specific itinerary or set amount of time at each city. Your trip should also be affordable thanks to combining travel and lodging, made even more so by your ability to prepare your own meals rather than dining out every single meal.

As you may even have a fridge, cooking in a motorhome is simpler than when you’re camping because you’re not dependent on a tiny camp stove. In a motorhome, you’ll be able to sleep more soundly, preserving your energy for days of exploration. My favourite component You won’t be forced to pack lightly or repack frequently. Bring additional blankets, wine bottles, board games, or whatever else you like!

And now for our second inquiry: Why would someone especially use a motorhome to visit Cornwall? You’re sure to adore Cornwall, which boasts a lovely coastline, impressive cliffs, and sandy beaches. And camping right there in the beautiful scenery is the greatest way to soak it all in.
You may go simply and see as much of this peninsula as you choose in a motorhome. Motorhome travel is the best method to get there and to genuinely enjoy the lengthy journey due to Cornwall’s more secluded position.

Lands End Sign

Getting to Cornwall

And now, our advice for having fun on that lengthy voyage! It’s important to keep in mind when travelling by motorhome that the focus should be on making the best of the journey rather than the final destination.

  • Make sure you have a great music prepared for your journey! While listening to the radio can be a terrific way to discover new bands, it is a good idea to have a backup playlist prepared in case you can’t find a station you like or experience technical difficulties with the radio.
  • Therefore, if you buy an aux cord, you may jam out to your own music on the speakers. Additionally, I advise downloading some podcasts or an audiobook to pass the time.
  • To make your trip simpler and more affordable, download several road trip applications. There are numerous options available, from those that are concerned with gas stations and prices to those that offer traffic or route advice.
  • Go load up on food for the road! Plan ahead and pack your own food because the costs at gas stations and roadside eateries are frequently very outrageous. Instead of bingeing on snacks like chips and candy, this can also encourage you to eat healthier.
  • Take care of yourself. It can be tempting to just keep going and log those miles when on a road trip. However, you must constantly make sure that you have adequate strength and concentration to drive safely. Regular pauses are more preferable to taking the chance of an accident. The majority of seasoned travellers advise stopping for a 15-minute break every two hours. Stretch your legs, take a snack, and use the restroom during these pauses!
  • Try chewing some gum if you’ve ever felt the desire to be more attentive but are unable to take a break. The act of chewing enhances circulation and attentiveness, so the gum doesn’t even need to be sweet.
  • Keeping children amused in the car while travelling can be one of the most difficult tasks. And there aren’t many things worse than boisterous kids in the car, in my opinion. Therefore, if you’re travelling with children, be sure to look out some suggested vehicle games in advance. The secret is to be organised, and maybe avoid sugary snacks!
  • Do not dehydrate! Take in a lot of water. a series of glasses. While this could mean more trips to the bathroom, it will keep everyone healthy and awake. Although it can be easy to forget to drink water while driving or to fill up on other sweet beverages in its place, plain water is always preferable.

The Best Cornwall Campgrounds

Naturally, finding a nice campsite to tent at is a necessary component of a successful camping trip in Cornwall.

Beach View from Campsite


Here are our top three camping spots in Cornwall.

  1. A family-run campground located at the top of the Caerthillian Valley is called Henry’s Campsite. The town centre is just a short stroll away and the beach pathways are about ten minutes away. Their on-site store will keep you well-stocked, especially with the mouthwatering Old Rosie Cider from the area!
  2. You’ll enjoy Trevedra Farm Caravan and Camping Site, which has been owned by the Nicholas family for more than 85 years, if you’re seeking for a more roomy site. a short distance from the pristine waters and renowned surfing beach of Gwynver. A lifeguard is also on duty at this beach, so you can unwind while the youngsters play in the waves.
  3. The Gwithian Farm Campsite & Caravan Park comes last. This campground is at a short distance from Gwithian Beach, a three-mile stretch of sand known for safe swimming, excellent surfing, a coastline trail, and a mile-long dog-friendly part! Additionally, being in the middle of the hamlet ensures that a pub is never far away, making a nice pint always accessible.

Activities in Cornwall

Cornwall camping vacations should be jam-packed with activities! You could spend weeks exploring all of Cornwall’s attractions, but we’ve managed to pick our four favourites.

  • Piracy Quest. Have you ever longed to be a part of the Pirates of the Caribbean cast? You can now if you want to! You can find this unique walk-through experience in Newquay. In order to understand about the true Pirates of the Caribbean, it will take you back to the 1700s. It brings together skilled theatre performers, amazing visual effects, and intricate 360° sets to create an attraction for the whole family!
  • Park in Paradise. travel with young children? Then a visit to Paradise Park should unquestionably be on the schedule. This entertaining activity centre offers hundreds of attractions, including exotic summer gardens, bird presentations, and opportunities to feed penguins. Parents can relax with a delicious cup of coffee in the Otter Cafe while their children burn off steam in the “JungleBarn” Indoor Play Centre.
  • The Regimental Museum in Cornwall. Looking to get some knowledge? The best military museum in the South West of England is Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, so go there. It presents more than 300 years of history and chronicles the tale of the Light Infantry, voluntary militia, and the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Tickets cost no more than £6.
  • Theme park Flambards. Flambards is a fantastic family-friendly day out in Helston with lots of interesting things to do. Try your luck on the extremely high thrill rides or relax in the covered soft play area. In the Jurassic Journey and Dino Dig, discover dinosaurs and fossils, respectively. In the life-size Victorian Village and award-winning Indoor Attractions, relive Britain during the Blitz. Enjoy the nicest day in Cornwall.
  • Surfing. Are you ready to ride some vicious waves? Discover Cornwall’s world-famous surf breaks and beautiful beaches for yourself! Bring your own, rent a board, or even enrol in a session at one of the several surf schools!

Enjoy a break from the worries of everyday life in one of the UK’s most beautiful places. To complete this journey, however, you will still need to hire a motorhome, which you can do through Driveaway Holiday, a motorhome sharing site. You may look up motorhome rental possibilities in Cornwall or closer to home on Driveaway Holiday and book directly from a private owner.