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Discover Yorkshire

About Yorkshire & The Dales

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a countryside landscape that spans thousands of square miles across Northern England. The area is so vast, it can be described as having its own moods that change from moment to moment, it can be wild and windswept, and turn into one of its many valleys it can be quietly tranquil.

The Dales draw their heritage from as far back as the old Norse dialect, that offer the word Dalr, meaning ‘valleys’ to give this area its name and identity. It has been protected as one of Britain’s National Parks since the 1950s, and is beloved as one of England’s best hiking and cycling areas.

The the East, you can explore the Yorkshire coastline, spanning from Scarborough to Whitby and beyond, there is so much to see, do and discover along the stretch of coastline.

In the West, the Ribble Valley acts as a natural border between Yorkshire and Lancashire. Whilst visiting any of the beautiful areas, you wont be far from any of Yorkshire many popular cities including York, Leeds and Bradford.

Yorkshire, can by some be affectionately known as “God’s Country”; and as you begin to explore and discover the spectacular scenery and charm of Yorkshire, you will soon be converted yourself.

Yorkshire offers a fantastic mix of cities with rich Industrial heritage mixed with charming market towns to explore.

To the North, the Yorkshire moors offer a beautiful balance of wild heather moorlands with hay meadows lining the valleys below, with dry stone walls and barns separating each field. As we head West we are met with a plethora of pretty villages and small towns each with their own unique and charming identity. The Dales are worthy of visiting all year round; in the winter, cosy yourself up against a warm open fire in one of the many snug country pubs that punctuate the area; or visit in the summer months and get lost in a rambling riverside cottage.

A great way to experience Yorkshire & The Dales, you can track the streams from their source and walk alongside them as they traverse the countryside, gaze as the waters crash over countless waterfalls through Ingleton, Settle, Hawes and Malham.

You can explore more of Yorkshire turbulent history through the fortresses such as Bolton Castle and Skipton Castle that date back the conflicts from Viking invaders. Prior to 850AD Viking raids were traditionally small in number, though in the winter of that year, the Viking army remained in the UK near Northumbria, in the coming years the army grew, until in 866AD the Vikings took York, and for just under a hundred years they ruled parts of England until 954AD.

For those looking to sample local produce and trends, the marketplaces and streets of Richmond, Skipton, Leyburn and Hawes provide a fascinating diversion for any visitor. A trip to Richmond will also uncover its long history as a market town and then as a fortified castle, that was built to defend the area and protect the market place.

Great places of interest in the area to investigate include;

  • Malham Cove
  • Bolton Priory
  • Pennine Way
  • Skipton Castle
  • Aysgarth Falls
  • The Forbidden Corner
  • Bolton Castle

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